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A handful of minutes from wonderful beaches, still little frequented, TerreMesu is located in the beautiful valley of Monte Porceddus, at the foot of the eastern slope of the Monti dei Sette Fratelli. The structure preserves the charm of the old country houses, surprising you with the comforts of a new building, built according to the precise dictates of Feng Shui and bio-architecture.

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The choice of materials such as cork and wood for the ventilated roof, fixtures and furnishings; terracotta for the floors; stone and bricks for the verandas; is the result of a careful selection aimed at almost totally eliminating solvents, chemicals and synthetic products. The result is a welcoming and very comfortable setting, both from an aesthetic, functional and climatic point of view, making the air conditioning system superfluous for most of the year. There is an efficient
photovoltaic system of six kilowatts and the structure has an Internet connection with WiFi network.
The swimming pool in the lawn next to the houses, will reserve you moments of absolute well-being offering a convenient alternative to the myriad of beautiful beaches that our area offers.
The surrounding area offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in rural life with walks along the paths that lead to the mountains of the Seven Brothers, and meet the protagonists of the agro-pastoral world that still preserves the traditions and culture of the island.


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How close is the sea?

The nearest beach is called Feraxi and is about 15 minutes away. Discover all the nearby beaches and other fantastic places, click here!

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